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The five note card pack is perfect and a great value.  It is A2 in size (4.25 in x 5.5 in).  Receive one of each design with envelopes.  Each design is from the handpainted watercolor paintings and hand-drawn artwork.  Each design is printed on premium white paper.


The note cards are a beautiful way to send a special message to a special person.  Send some cheer.  Send some love.  Send some beauty.  The receiver will be delighted and be connected to your message and to you.  You can't put a value on this.  It is priceless.  It is precious. So, get your pen ready!  Get a pack for yourself or get a pack for a gift.  


Each pack contains

  • 1 Floral Bouquet Card
  • 1 Peony Card
  • 1 Tulip Card
  • 1 Sunflower Card
  • 1 BI Sunflower* Card
  • 5 White Envelopes


*BI = Black Ink


A2 Note Cards Design Set

  • No returns.  No refunds. 

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