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Sandy Zeboski is the owner and founder of Stardust and Petals Studio.  She is an artist who loves nature, especially florals. She loves being outside with nature and be around flowers.  Nature and flowers give her so much joy, peace, and beauty as well as helping her connect with nature and God.  Nature has helped her evolve as a spiritual being. 

Sandy has always loved creating art since she was child.  Now she combines both her love of nature and painting/drawing in her artwork.  She is also a Spectra ™ Practitioner which is energy healing.  Therefore, she infuses Spectra ™ as well as sacred intentions into her artwork.  The recipient (and soul) will receive not only a beautiful artwork but also the healing energy and positive intentions.

Sandy is excited to create beautiful artwork for you.  So stop by at her website and see what she is up to!

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